About Us
 Abiding Life Christian Church was planted in 1997. With a heart for the Greater Glens Falls area, Pastor Jeff and Associate Pastor Gary along with other members of the body, thru the leading of the Holy Spirit felt called to South Glens Falls.

The Bible -- We believe that the Bible was written by the hand of men through the direct guidance of the Holy Spirit of God, that it is truth itself. It is the only absolute and objective final test for all truth. We believe that all members should not only read the bible, but should prayerfully study it. The Bible is the written will of God on earth. Within its covers lay all the answers to life, and it shows how to grow in Godly character and attitude. We believe that every Christian should mature in their use of it as a tool for walking out the Christian way of life.

One God -- We believe in only one God. There is no other. Also, that there are three persons in the Godhead: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe in not accepting other gods in any way - to do so is idolatry. We believe all other gods are made up in the minds of men. They are false. There is only one true Living God.

Man's Rebellion -- We believe that mankind rebelled and in so doing brought a curse upon all mankind. We believe that Adam (the first man) and Eve (the first woman) were created by God. That they were given certain instructions by God and they chose willfully to disobey. A curse came upon all mankind because of this disobedience and, to this very day, all evil is the direct result of their discobedience.

Jesus Christ -- We believe that God sent His only begotten Son to destroy the curse and set mankind free. God's Son gave His life for us and paid the penalty for mankind's disobedience. Because of that, we believe that Jesus is Lord and we follow His will and not our own. We believe He owns us and what He says goes.

Water Baptism -- We believe the act of water baptism shows an inward change and was commanded to be observed by Jesus Christ. We do not believe it is an absolute must to be baptized. The thief on the cross is one example. We believe if it is physically possible for you to be baptized then you should do it. We believe you get water baptized only when you fully understand why you are doing it.

Holy Spirit Baptism -- We believe that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is an absolute must in order to live a victorious life on this earth. We believe you can accept Jesus as Savior and not have the Holy Spirit residing in you. If this has happened you only have part of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The full gospel requires the infilling of the Holy Spirit. We believe (according to Scripture) if you do not have the Holy Spirit you are not His. If you are not His you are not saved and in danger of the judgment. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is a must for a complete conversion to the Christian Faith.

Tithes and Offerings -- We believe that the giving of tithes and offerings is not an option, but rather is a necessity in order to see the local church succeed. We believe that it is a commandment and not a good suggestion. We believe that any Christian who does not tithe and give offerings is under a curse (according to Scripture). We believe God has ordained tithes and offerings as a way to tell where a person's heart really is.

The Great Commission -- We believe that the Great Commission is every Christian's duty and our corporate mandate to go into all the world and to make disciples of all nations. We believe that the Church is designed to be evangelistic in nature.  We believe Jesus died to set men free and we are to share the good news as part of our lifestyle.
Our Beliefs
Apostle/Sr. Elder Jeff Wood was born and raised in West Charlton, NY. He had a remarkable conversion in 1982. Since then he has been involved in the laying on of hands to see many people miraculously healed and delivered. He was ordained as a pastor in 1991 and along with his wife Pat and their 4 children, Josh, Alissa, Sam and Jon they were sent out into the Glens Falls area to establish a New Testament church fellowship. On September 28, 2000, he received an apostolic anointing at the Apostolic Alignment and Prophetic Breakthrough Conference in which internationally known prophet Dr. Bill Hamon laid hands on and released the anointing. Jeff operates in the apostolic gifting of apostle/teacher and is able to relate to the 5-fold ministry gifts of Ephesians 4 as the need arises. He sits on local ministry boards and is a member of Adirondack Churches Together. He also is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors. Jeff and his wife Pat have been involved in helping plant 3 church fellowships and have been asked by different Christian ministries to cover them Apostolically. Apostle Jeff believes the best way to grow in the Christian faith is to abide in Christ. His favorite scripture is Romans 12:2 "And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God."
Elder/Associate Pastor Gary Winslow was born and raised in Stony Creek, NY. He received Christ as Lord and Savior in 1977 and was ordained into eldership in 1989. Along with his wife Kate and three children, Abby, Maggie and Nathan he was sent out into the Glens Falls area to establish a New Testament church fellowship alongside Apostle Jeff and family. In 1999 he became a lay pastor over our local body to minister and see lives changed. His favorite scripture is Philippians 4: 6 & 7; "Be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be known to God and the God of peace that surpasses all understanding will guard your heart and mind through Christ Jesus."
Abiding in the presence of God.
South Glens Falls, NY
Pastor Gary & Kate Winslow
Apostle/Pastor Jeff & Pat Wood